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1 - Shaker Setee, pine seat, cherry back rail, ash legs and spindles
2 - Shaker two step, Northern Pine
3 - Desk/cabinet, Birch or Pine, lots of drawers big and small, pull out writing surface.

Welcome to Rob's Online Workshops
We offer 2 types of wood working instruction...

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Hand and Power Tool Workshop
- 3 half-hour episodes per week (Mon, Weds, Fri)
- complete furniture making from start to finish
- every step is detailed, very little editing
- online forum to ask questions to Rob and community

Hand Tool Workshop
- 2 half-hour episodes per week (Tues & Thurs)
- create furniture entirely from hand tools
- rough to ready construction method
- every detail explained in full high definition
- online forum to ask questions to Rob and community

Also includes many BONUS videos and perks...
- Hand and Power Tool reviews
- Downloadable project plans
- Exclusive DVD Clips from Rob's collection
- Discounts to Rob's in person workshops
- Question and Answer videos
- Shop tour
- Member exclusive video clips such as sharpening and making your own tools.
... and many more!

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